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The size corresponds to the measurement of your contour, waist or hip, where you will wear the belt. To do this, measure your contour with a tape measure (in centimeters).

NonaIbcn sizes are 80, 85,90,95,100,105.(centimeters) For other sizes send an email to nona@nonabcn.com

In no case is the total length of the strap of any other belt, even if it is another NonaIbcn.

To know your size you must measure the contour with a tape measure and the result in centimeters will be your size. If you are between two sizes, for example you measure 92cm in hip contour, you should choose the upper size, 95.

If you want to wear your belt on the hip and also on the waist, you should prioritize your largest measurement, which is always on the hip, and ask us to make additional holes for you to wear it in both places. You can tell us in the comments section of your order.

Yes, as long as we have the color available . To request it, send us an email to nona@nonabcn.com

Yes, as long as we have the color available. Remember that you must request it by mail to nona@nonabcn.com

No, our buckles are always sold together with a leather strap.

One of our greatest successes is having achieved an interchangeable strap system, thus benefiting from various belt options. WATCH VIDEO

All buckles that share the same strap width and the same group of buckles are interchangeable: flat buckles or double buckles.

Flat buckle models: Queens, Hole, Snake, Biggest, Pearl, Clara, Cross, Sena and Sissi

Double buckle models: Sophia, Lighting, Inona, Janet, Basic, Pompeii and Valentina

Our belts are made of high quality cow leather, subjected to a vegetable tanning process, which is the most responsible for the environment.

The quality of our raw materials and the manual production process make all our products highly durable and remain in perfect condition over time.

You can hydrate the skin of the belt with a cotton cloth and neutral moisturizer. We recommend doing it once every season.

To keep it in perfect condition, store it in the cotton bag or inside the box after use.

Contact us through the email nona@nonabcn.com to explain your case and we will find the best solution.

Once you have chosen your model, and have added it to the basket, the system will ask for your personal information and the shipping address to calculate the cost of transport according to your geographical area. Shipping cost to Spain (peninsula) and Portugal is free. To know the approximate cost of other areas, see the section “Shipping and returns”.

If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within a maximum period of 15 days and we will refund your money. The belt and its packaging must be returned in perfect condition and without having been used or damaged.


If you have made a mistake in size, you can request your size change by sending us an email to nona@nonabcn.com. The change of size has no cost. The return and the new delivery of the order is free of charge only in Spain (peninsula) and Portugal. IMPORTANT: for any other territory or country outside of these, the buyer must bear the delivery costs of the return, the new delivery and custom taxes as well.


If you want to change the model belt, you need to make a new purchase again and return the belt you don’t want which we will refund once we receive it.

If we have not responded to your query, write us an email at nona@nonabcn.com and we will help you with whatever you need.




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